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Each day, tons of plastic waste gets thrown away and ends up in the seas and oceans that are central to our ecosystem. We are here to bring about a change. 

Shocking figures

220 Million

tonnes of plastic is produced in the world each year. A quantity of that kind is difficult for the planet to cope with.

6,5 Million

of waste is thrown into the oceans

1,5 Million

birds and marine mammals die as a result of ingesting plastic. We need to act!

It's time to change.


The foundation was set up by Steve Stievenart in order to bring the issue of plastic pollution to the world's attention, raise awareness of its consequences and find preventative solutions to the problem.

Stop Plastic Pollution has set itself the mission of both avoiding the mistakes of the past and not repeating them, and taking strong action to protect the planet from this damaging affliction.

There are four main components to the foundation's approach.

Raising Environmental


To sensitize indivius of all ages to the consequences of their actions on the marine environment.


Give a second voice to plastic waste by transforming them into works of art.

Sporting Challenge


Aleter the greatest number of people by achieving sports challenges in the swimming round.

Scientific Research


To provide opportunities for young scientists to participate in Foundation expeditions and to develop their research on the marine environment.

A fight for the future.


In a changing environment, there is no greater risk than staying still.

The future is playing today.

The Stop Plastic Pollution Foundation is fighting a strong fight through concrete and strong actions.

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