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This involves getting individuals of all ages to consider the consequences of their behaviour on the marine environment, with the priority focus placed on young people.


To work with schools and get children the world over involved and engaged in the battle against plastic pollution. 

Global Environmental Education Program

To develop a worldwide programme of environmental education.

The purpose of providing children with environmental education is that of teaching them how to act responsibility.

It involves both getting them to react to the issues in the right way and instilling the right behaviours in them.

To motivate children by involving them in a school project.

Educating them in a fun and playful way to acquire the right habits, of huge importance for the Stop Plastic Pollution Foundation.

To raise awareness and concern about the dangers of pollution School trips designed to give schoolchildren in all countries the opportunity to see the harm caused by plastic pollution are organised all year round.

The participating children are thus able to get out in the field and see at first hand the real impact plastic waste has on the environment.

We don't have time to delay any longer. There is a pressing need to raise awareness not only among young people but also among adults so that they adopt the behaviours that will be crucial for our planet in the future.

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