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Plastic-Based Art

Children are the victims of a form of pollution they themselves are not responsible for. 


Via organised school outings, young pupils will get to collect plastic waste whilst at the same time being made aware of their environment, and always in a way that's fun, enjoyable and in tune with nature. 

Following a study carried out on the Slack river in northern France (see Component No. 4 Scientific research), Steve is going to spend four months working with infant and primary schools in order to raise awareness amongst children of the importance of environmental protection.  


He will take them out into the field so they can observe the situation for themselves and see the extent of the harm caused by the pollution. They will collect waste and use the items artistically by creating sculptures for their school's Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The visual arts are one of the most effective ways of enabling children to both express themselves and develop awareness of the gravity of the situation.

Foundation creator Steve is also an artist who sells his works to finance the various projects and measures the organisation puts in place around the world in order to combat marine pollution.

 Taking his inspiration from the worlds of art and science combined, Steve Stievenart likes to interpret history, the world and nature through his art. Guided by his humanist ethos, he seeks, through his works, to reflect and question the nature of identity.

Steve Stievenart is dedicated to raising consciousness and awareness and seeks to awaken the altruist and artistic sides of each individual.

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