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Stop Plastic Pollution

Let's act !

Steve Stievenart, founder of "Stop Plastic Pollution" is taking matters into his own hands and has decided to take action.


All over the world, he is raising awareness of environmental hazards in the marine environment through strong and committed actions.

An activist commited to a global cause.

4 Axes

Let's act together !

All concerned
Let's react now!

Marine pollution is a scourge, and affects both people and animals who are brutally impacted by human behaviour that has not yet been taught to preserve the world's seas and oceans.


Let us all be responsible for our actions, and fight together against marine pollution for the benefit of future generations.

 The foundation has set itself the MISSION of fighting against the spread of surface pollution on waterways, lakes, seas and oceans.


A combination of rigorous analytical work and unfailing commitment has enabled it to develop an innovative programme founded on careful reflection, creativity and work with young people and future generations;

to ENGAGE the global scientific community in making new advancements at clearly defined levels; and to PROMOTE THE ROLE OF THE FOUNDATION and RAISE FUNDS, particularly through audacious challenges of the kind taken up by STOP PLASTIC POLLUTION. 

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